• Director Médico
    Publicado en: Enero 26, 2018
  • Director Médico
    Publicado en: Enero 26, 2018
    Institución en constante crecimiento con moderna tecnología y amplias facilidades le invita a ser parte de su gran familia.

    - Doctorado en Medicina
    - Licencia y Registro actualizado
    - Good Standing
    - Vacunas al día
    - Seguro de impericia médica
    - CPR
    - Experiencia en Récord Médico Electrónico
    - Bilingüe (español e inglés)
    - Conocimiento de la regulaciones que aplican a Hospitales

    Interesados pueden enviar su resume y credenciales a nuestra dirección postal:

    Hospital San Carlos Borromeo
    Departamento de Recursos Humanos
    PO Box 68
    Moca, PR 00676

    O al siguiente correo electrónico:

    Contacto: Migdalia Ortiz Mestre / Directora Recursos Humanos
    Tel. 787-877-8000 Ext. 1003, 1001
    Fax 787-877-2700

  • Nursing Director (Hospital Buen Samaritano)
    Publicado en: Julio 18, 2017
  • Nursing Director (Hospital Buen Samaritano)
    Publicado en: Julio 18, 2017
    To contribute to the overall success of the organization by effectively managing all administrative and nursing tasks.

    The position requires the following qualifications:
    - Master of Science in Nursing Services Administration with experience in Active Administrative Role.
    - Valid specialist license and membership.
    - Professional register of the Examining Board of the Department of Health.
    - Five (5) or more years of experience in direct supervision, preferably in the health industry (hospitals).
    - Experience with Medicare Programs, Joint Commission (JCAHO) and Regulatory Agencies.
    - Experience in operational management, administration, finance, budgets, and performance improvement of the nursing departments.
    - Strong clinical and nursing skills.
    - Strong communication skills, orally, written, and information systems.
    - Ability to exert leadership and team work.
    - Fully bilingual –English / Spanish.
    - Salary and benefits will be commensurate according to the candidate’s experienced and back ground

    Please send resume to:
    José A. García
    MBA Human Resources Director
    Fax: 787-658-0613
    E-mail: jgarcia@hbspr.org

    Equal Employment Employer

  • Per Diem Surgical Coordinator
    Publicado en: Mayo 9, 2017
  • Per Diem Surgical Coordinator
    Publicado en: Mayo 9, 2017
    Responsible for activities associated with organ recovery and preservation of donated organs. Works within general guidelines and in coordination with established full-time LifeLink Transplant Coordinator Staff. Applies principles of sterile technique and surgical expertise in the recovery of organs for transplant, participates in a per-diem schedule updated every month for organ recoveries, and maintains an open line of communication with the Training Supervisor and the Director/Manager of Recovery Services.

    Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
    - Participates in the surgical recovery of human organs for transplantation.
    - Demonstrates thorough knowledge and comprehension of aseptic techniques.
    - Demonstrates ability to circulate in an operating room setting.
    - Assists in the preparation of all sterile work areas and supplies needed for various stages of procurement.
    - Delivers supplies from coordinator to OR staff within 1 – 1.5 hours before case.
    - Meets/greets, OR staff, and reviews preference card.
    - Greets visiting transplant teams, obtaining necessary information from them.
    - Assists OR staff in room set-up and opening/flashing retractors.
    - Opens sterile perfusion and organ packing supplies on back table.
    - Assists primary LifeLink Coordinator with donor transport, as necessary.
    - Completes information on all appropriate pages of the LifeLink Deceased Donor Information Form, as directed by the primary LifeLink Coordinator.
    - Add drugs to perfusion solution under direction of primary coordinator.
    - Prepares sterile slush for topical organ cooling and organ packaging.
    - Facilitates telephone communication as directed by the primary coordinator.
    - Hangs perfusion solutions and monitor flow rate after cross clamp.
    - Prepares shipping boxes and labels for organ packing.
    - Photocopies necessary paperwork at direction of primary coordinator.
    - Assists with post-mortem care and room clean up when case is complete.
    - Returns to office to restock OR bags and call vehicle, as needed.
    - Performs any other duties as directed by primary coordinator.

    Job Specifications:
    - Operations Room Technician (ORT) or successful completion of an accredited Surgical Technology Program or its equivalent; and,
    - A minimum of two years of experience in any of these fields.
    - Current State Driver License with good driving record.
    - All appropriate inoculations and appropriate OSHA training.
    - Interpersonal skills to clearly interact with hospital staff members, coordinators, supervisors, and management.
    - Extended hours during peak procurement periods and regularly in the performance of organ recovery activities.

    Director / Manager, Organ Recovery

    LifeLink Web Page: www.lifelinkfound.org
    Send Resume to: jobspr@lifelinkfound.org
    Fax: 787-620-5448

    June 09,2017

  • Per Diem Runner
    Publicado en: Abril 13, 2017
  • Per Diem Runner
    Publicado en: Abril 13, 2017
    In accordance with established LifeLink Foundation standards, policies, procedures, and protocols, provide general support, as needed, directly to the clinical staff of LifeLink of Puerto Rico.

    Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
    - Follow direction of Primary Transplant Coordinator on case.
    - Under the direct supervision of a Transplant Coordinator, perform blood draws process and assist with donor care.
    - Transport blood samples to requested locations (i.e. hospital laboratory) with follow up on results.
    - Fax clinical documentation to UNet, Transplant Centers and/or to the Administrator-on-call, as requested.
    - Assist in transferring donor to required locations throughout hospital.
    - Provide support in the OR by operating ASEM fax machine and faxing paperwork; delivering biopsy samples to pathology with follow up on results; preparing slush and solutions as directed and supervised by Primary Transplant Coordinator and Surgical Coordinator.
    - Assist with communication to Administrator-on-call during OR time.
    - Transplant organs to courier (in hospital).

    Job Specifications:
    - Minimum Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) degree, with all licensure requirements.
    - Demonstrated physical ability to lift, carry and/or move equipment of varying weight from 1 to 30 pounds for 10% of the work time and to stand for 90% of the work time.
    - Demonstrated interpersonal skills and professional attitude necessary to interact and communicate effectively with other members of the clinical team and with hospital and other external agency personnel.
    - Professional appearance and demeanor.
    - Exercise discretion dealing with all information in a confidential and sensitive manner.
    - Proven good driving record and current driver’s license.
    - Ability to travel to all hospitals on Puerto Rico.
    - Flexible working schedules.
    - Extended working hours may be necessary.

    Director / Manager Organ Procurement

    LifeLink Web Page: www.lifelinkfound.org
    Send Resume to: jobspr@lifelinkfound.org
    Fax: 787-620-5448

    May 12,2017

  • HD Liaison / First Responder
    Publicado en: Abril 13, 2017
  • HD Liaison / First Responder
    Publicado en: Abril 13, 2017
    This position fills a dual role, that of a professional educator and a first respondent for potential cases within hospitals and donation-related agencies in an assigned area. Build and maintain strong relationships with appropriate hospital professional at all levels. Responsible to identify and employ available resources with the ultimate goal of increasing organ/tissue donation for transplantation.

    Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
    - Performs first responder responsibilities and participates on an On-Call Schedule in coordination with the recovery staff.
    - Assists Referral Coordinators and Administrator-on-call.
    - Documents referral information in case notes; evaluate potential donors.
    - Serve as ongoing resource to hospital staff.
    - Attend required meetings, activities, special projects, administrative-level discussions, and other assignments as required.
    - Maintains a positive working relationship with key hospital/agency (hospital, medical examiner, coroner, law enforcement and/or funeral home) personnel within an assigned area.
    - Acts as communication link between LifeLink staff and hospital personnel.
    - Set and define goals and objectives for each agency. Design individual marketing plans.
    - Compiles and analyzes measurable current activity data and determine its effectiveness.
    - Acts as a resource for mentoring new liaison staff and participates in their training.

    Job Specifications:
    - Bachelor Degree in Nursing with all updated credentials. Minimum of three years of sound clinical experience in an intensive care unit/emergency room.
    - Personal interaction, presentation, and communication skills.
    - Fully bilingual – written and verbal English/Spanish.
    - Ability to apply sound judgment, maintaining a constant open line of communication with Supervisor, working with little direct supervision and with a growing degree of autonomy.
    - Reliable vehicle, maintain good driving record, current valid Puerto Rico driver’s license, and availability for daily traveling to assigned service area.
    - Available via cellular phone as needed. Ability to meet the demands of long working hours, including weekends, holidays, and after hours, and participate in a 24/7 call schedule rotation.

    Director, Hospital Development

    LifeLink Web Page: www.lifelinkfound.org
    Send Resume to: jobspr@lifelinkfound.org
    Fax: 787-620-5448

    April 19, 2017